Our Mission

Texas Farmers Union is formed for the purpose of promoting and protecting the interests of family farmers and ranchers and others who live in rural communities, to inform and educate agricultural producers about their economic environment and about legislation which might affect their well-being.

This organization shall foster cooperative efforts through which farmers and ranchers might gain bargaining power, market and distribute their products more effectively, and purchase supplies more efficiently, and shall foster programs of every nature which will improve the economic status and enhance the public image of the family farmer and rancher in Texas.

We seek to resolve the problems of rural America through a common effort to inform ourselves and others about the true circumstances of the farming situation, rejecting the misconceptions and misinformation that is spread by those who, because of their ignorance, their disire for personal gain or their own special interest, would thwart the common good of all Americans by marching under a banner falsely labeled "Free Enterprise".

We reaffirm our strong belief in freedom and we cherish it as a part of our American heritage. We recognize that individual initiative is basic to our American way, but we are equally aware that mutual assistance and cooperation account for many of the noblest achievements of our American system.

We pledge ourselves to keep well-informed and politically aware and to guard every man's privilege to equal opportunity. We will not advocate nor will we tolerate any measure--local, state or national--that would deny this privilege.

We welcome all those to our cause who would join in the fight for the preservation, with dignity, of the family farm and the rural community.

We welcome into our ranks the hundreds of thousands of farm families in Texas, so they can work together for a just and adequate program for family farmers.

We believe that as tillers of the soil our work is close to the Almighty Creator God and, beseeching His guidance.


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